The Travelers of Evo

They were born to an Earth several generations more advanced than our own. A kinder, more progressive, and tolerant society, but also one utterly dependent on technology, governing nearly every aspect of daily life.

Young and old, the Travelers of Evo come from every walk of life. They are comprised of countless backgrounds, cultures, and subcultures.

They believed they had won early access to the Game, a gateway to the most sophisticated virtual experience in human history. Instead they would find themselves standing upon the alien world of Evo in their own flesh.

With the Joining, the Travelers are thrust into a world filled with wonder and danger, monsters and mystery. A planet with the natural force of magic thrumming through every molecule and organism.

Cut off from the tools of a technological society, severed from their family, friends, and daily reality, the Travelers must rely on each other in order to survive and unravel the riddles of Evo.

Their shared mission is to discover the rules of their new world. To face and overcome the myriad obstacles and threats standing between them and the answers they seek.

To survive… and ultimately to make it back home to the Earth they have lost.