Writing a Novel, One Hour at a Time

Learn how to write a novel from start to finish in only one hour per day.

The Planning Process

Most people tend to think of planning as something that happens before they start writing a book, but as I explained in my post...

The Drafting Process

We have already covered the planning process in detail in the previous chapter and you are now ready to begin drafting the bulk of...
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Bryan Dickerson

Have you always wanted to write a novel, but don’t know where to begin? Or perhaps you already have a few hundred pages under your belt, but still feel that something is missing.

Well, worry no longer. For this site has a comprehensive guide (effectively a full-length book) to writing a novel from start to finish. It is written in blog format for easy digestion and sharing and is chocked full of examples and exercises intended to take you all the way from staring at a blank page to revising a complete manuscript. Included are a number of techniques and tools for writers of any genre or experience level.

For those curious, I have also included a bit about my own series of novels (in progress), the Buried in Silicon saga.

Offical Launch Coming In August

The official launch day of this site is coming in just a few short weeks. It will include the complete version of my start to finish novel-writing guide “the Writing Process.”

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