The Kif People

The only natives of Evo the Travelers have encountered thus far, the Kif are found living in cities and various holdings scattered across the continent. Although they differ in appearance from the Travelers thanks to their pointed ears and canine teeth, the Kif are human in every way that matters. With lifespans stretching out to nearly two centuries, the Kif rarely find themselves in conflict with one another outside of commercial enterprises or the occasional political intrigue. Possessing a close bond to the beasts of Evo, the Kif raise no domesticated animals for slaughter, the small amounts of meat in their diet collected solely through hunting and fishing.

The Kif Guard: Considered to be a highly respectable calling, many young Kif aspire to join the guard and begin martial training in early adolescence. Comprised of three internal factions, the guard helps to ensure the safety of Kif villages and outposts, as well as the roads and riverways running between them.

Kif Elders: Although the Kif living in Serenity and the Softlands rely little on formal political structures, the position of Elder is assigned to those Kif boasting significant talents in their chosen discipline, as well as those considered to be especially knowledgeable or wise. In addition to managing the day to day affairs of their cities, the Kif Elders work together to solve regional problems and help train the next generation.

The Circle of Magi: The circle is comprised of Kif who have devoted their lives to learning specialized forms of magic. Unlike the Travelers, who are able to utilize a broad range of powers, each order within the circle focuses primarily on a single element or application of spellcraft, although most magi are capable of casting at least a handful of minor spells from other orders as well. The magi are especially skilled in a form of spellcasting known as ritual conjoined magic, in which the powers and talents of many magi are combined over time to accomplish feats well beyond those of any single mage.

The Slayers: Little is known about the mysterious order of Kif known as the Slayers. However, it is believed that the Slayers have devoted their lives to battling any monster or demon threatening their civilization, especially those too powerful to be safely eliminated by the guard. Rumors suggest they are capable of wielding unique magical powers, but the nature and origin of their abilities is a closely guarded secret.