The Buried in Silicon Saga

The Game was supposed to change everything. Hailed as a revolutionary breakthrough in massively-multiplayer simulated environments, the Game promised to shatter the current limitations of virtual realism, providing a level of immersion  A living world of endless adventure that had to be experienced to be believed. With the launch of the Game, seven thousands Players from the North American region were transported to Serenity, the city of new beginnings, ready to create their characters and begin their adventures. But nothing could have prepared the Players for the mysterious and inexplicable event that would be known as the Joining, which would forever change their lives along with the fate of two worlds. With the Joining, thousands of Players were transported to the magical world of Evo in their own tender flesh, forced to explore, battle, and endure the dangers of this mysterious realm as they attempt to survive and eventually find a way back home.

Book One: The Joining

Book Two: The Herald’s Wrath (Work in progress)