Magical Creatures

Infused with the natural force known as magic, the planet Evo possesses a previously unheard-of level of biodiversity. Every known region features a wide range of life forms living in close proximity, forming complex ecosystems that would be impossible back on Earth. Although all life on Evo generates and utilizes magical energy in some capacity, many species are capable of further storing and transforming magic within their own bodies, enabling an incredible variety of spell like abilities. Plants and animals capable of manifesting magical energy directly are known as magically gifted and are able to consume at least one form of elemental-aspected energy as well as other ambient magics infusing their habitats.

Brogan: Similar to gigantic buffalo, these docile and highly intelligent animals are known for their benign temperament. Brogan commonly serve as family pets in addition to being a primary form of transportation and manual labor for Kif farmsteads. Possessing intricate and elegant marking to their fur, Brogan are friendly and social creatures. Brogan are able to absorb earth-aspected energy in order to achieve a level of strength and endurance well beyond that provided by their already powerful bodies.

Hangman’s Noose: These carnivorous plants are capable of slowly moving through the canopy. When they detect a game trail, they lower themselves down and wait for unsuspecting prey to pass beneath. The stalk of the hangman’s noose is composed of specialized fibers containing earth and water magics, enabling the plant to rapidly constrict with incredible force, often slaying smaller animals outright while slowly crushing larger beasts that were immobilized by the plant’s initial strike. The corpses of their prey provide the hangman’s noose with the nutrients required for growth and propagation. Although they are not monstrous in nature, whenever a growth of hangman’s noose is spotted near civilized lands, the Kif set out to eradicate the magical vines with a vengeance, as the deadly plants invariably claim at least a few lives every year.

Wyverns: Native to the mountains and high reaches of Evo, the majestic wyvern is a powerful predator. Their dazzling, highly malleable scales vary wildly in hue depending on their roosting area, from sky blue to mud brown, and change over time if a wyvern moves to a new region. Wyverns utilize air magic to enable their muscular forms to fly, overpowering any creature unlucky enough to encounter its powerful jaws and talons. Each adult wyvern claims a vast expanse of wilderness for its personal territory, so sightings of more than a single adult are almost unheard of outside of mating season.