The Writing Process

Writing a novel in one hour per day

The Writing Process

Have you always wanted to write a novel, but don’t know where to begin? Or perhaps you already have a few hundred pages under your belt, but still feel that something is missing.colleagues-sitting-at-desk-brainstorming-and-making-notes

Well, worry no longer. For this site offers a comprehensive guide (effectively a full-length book) to writing a novel from start to finish. It is written in blog format for easy digestion and sharing and is chocked full of examples and exercises intended to take you all the way from staring at a blank page to revising a complete manuscript. Included are a number of techniques and tools for writers of any genre or experience level.

To get started, first check out the introduction to this blog. Next, begin your writing journey by learning how to get started on your novel and overcome writer’s block. Then leap into the writing process with the first major section, the planning process.

By following this simple method, you can begin to make significant progress on your own novel in only one hour per day.

This installment of my blog, “the Writing Process,” contains the following entries:

The Planning Process

  1. Introduction to the planning process.
  2. Finding ideas for your book.
  3. Crafting compelling characters.
  4. More than just a pretty place: The power of a vibrant setting.
  5. Plotting big and small: Planning the plot-structure of a novel.
  6. Developing core themes.
  7. Culminating exercise: Plotlines and timelines.

The Drafting Process

  1. Introduction to the drafting process.
  2. Picking the best point of view.
  3. The art of descriptive writing.
  4. Writing dialogue that flows.
  5. Scenecrafting 101.
  6. Culminating exercise: Drafting the first scene of your novel.

The Revising Process

  1. Introduction to the revising process.
  2. Revising a nearly completed novel.
  3. Culminating exercise: Completing the final draft of your novel.