Serenity: The City of New Beginnings

Surrounded by towering walls of white stone, Serenity, also known as “the City of New Beginnings,” is now home to most of the Travelers living on the continent. It is a vast metropolis, but also one that is largely and inexplicably vacant, the entirety of its Traveler and Kif population dwarfed by thousands upon thousands of empty residences and shops, locked away behind impenetrable wards. Additionally, Serenity appears to possess magic that prevents monsters and demons from entering the city, as well as protects it from fire, flood, and other natural disasters.

The Walls of Serenity: The silhouette of the city is dominated by the series of concentric rings formed by its walls and roads, with hundreds of well-maintained parks and ponds growing between them. The city boasts three sets of circular walls in total, with each smaller ring-wall centered inside the larger. First comes the main gates and fortifications, built from thick, imposing slabs of stone that have been pitted and weathered by the passing of centuries. The second ring-wall is located well inside the city’s primary defenses and serves to divide the inner and outer districts. Finally, a comparably diminutive wall is situated in between the inner city districts and the mysterious heart of Serenity, housing both the capital building complex and announcement square.

The Ring-Roads: Each of the four main trade roads threading the city have been crafted to accommodate heavy traffic, running straight through town in cardinal directions from the outer gates to the inner districts. Next comes the network of circular streets banding the inside of the outer walls and both sides of the inner walls. These avenues supplement the main trade roads and are referred to as the big-ring, middle-ring, and little-ring roads respectively.

The Districts: Between the walls, Serenity is divided into nine main areas, formed from the intersections of its ring-walls and trade roads. This arrangement of fortification and street carves both the inner and outer districts of the city into four quarters or quadrants. The four quadrants of the outer district include: the merchants’ quarter to the southwest, the Travelers’ quarter to the southeast, the Kif quarter to the northeast, and the crafters’ quarter to the northwest. Prior to the Joining, most of the inner quarters were kept off-limits to Players, excepting only the Starting Square and the Arena.