Ruins and Dungeons

Much of Evo’s history has been lost to the ages, erased by the many wars and natural disasters that have ravaged her surface. Signs of several distinct eras have been discovered through excavating ruins in modern times, dating back to the early empires of the Kif and beyond, to a period with no known records remaining. Such ruins vary considerably in their design and function and can be found scattered across and beneath the face of Evo, the most accessible long-since looted by intelligent monsters and adventures. However, there are still countless undiscovered ruins waiting to be found, filled with artifacts, treasures, and scraps of forgotten lore. The exploration of these ancient structures is not to be undertaken lightly, as many ruins are filled with dangerous traps and powerful guardians, while others have become home to monstrous infestations.

Ruins: Ruins on Evo come in many shapes and sizes. Most are remnants of holdings abandoned due to monstrous incursions. Less common are those dating back centuries, constructed by the distant ancestors of the Kif. A handful of ruins are ancient and predate recorded civilization, their history and purposes long-since forgotten.

Dungeons: While nearly every ruin is home to a few monstrous life forms, some sites have become infected with high concentrations of corrupted magical energy. These reservoirs of tainted magic invariably attract powerful monsters and demons, providing them with the resources required to evolve and multiply. When these infestations reach critical mass, they become known as dungeons, deadly dens of monsters, often under the control boss-class entities. Dungeons located anywhere near populated lands are a dire threat to civilization, as swarms of ravenous monsters rapidly exhaust the local ecosystem begin hunting the surrounding regions in earnest. The Kif carefully mark the location of any known dungeon, and will go to great lengths to purify and seal them, even at a considerable cost of life.