The Softlands

Located on the western side of the continent, the Softlands envelop the city of Serenity for over a day’s ride in every direction. Composed of verdant plains and gentle, rolling hills, these fertile and peaceful lands are home to many Kif villages and outposts. The trade roads originating from Serenity thread the Softlands and make traveling from one settlement to another relatively safe, especially during daylight hours. Diligently patrolled by the Kif guard, these roads allow trade to prosper between the many Kif holdings in the area. As with nearly every region of Evo, the Softlands are home to many unique biomes and microclimates, such as the Ruby Valley, which produces a blood red grain not found anywhere else on the continent.

The Softlands are a temperate region with a long growing season, with frequent rain in the spring and snow in the winter. Although the Softlands are home to many animals, the monsters that inhabit these areas tend to be a great deal weaker and more docile compared to their deadly cousins living in the nearby frontier regions.