The World of Evo

Evo is an ancient and mysterious world that remains largely unexplored, even by its native people. At present, the Travelers have only discovered the Softlands surrounding the city of Serenity, as well as a few of the frontier regions that border it. In addition to its exotic geography, the natural force known as magic permeates the land, seas, and sky of Evo, granting its power to a wide variety of plants and animals, as well as the predatory life forms known as monsters and demons.

Serenity, the City of New Beginnings: The origin point of the Travelers, the walled city of Serenity is where most of these former Players still reside, living alongside the Kif.

The Softlands: Although they are not without their dangers, the lush Softlands bordering Serenity are home to many Kif cities and outposts that are protected by the Kif guardsmen

Frontier Regions: Bordering the Softlands are a number of comparably dangerous regions known collectively as the frontier. Unlike Earth, the world of Evo possesses an incredible diversity of biomes located in close proximity, each home to a unique ecosystem including various magical predators.

The Kif People: The native people living on the continent. The Kif are similar in most ways to the human Travelers, possessing moderately longer lifespans as well as delicately pointed ears and canine teeth.

The Magic of Evo: The planet Evo is a living conduit for the natural force known as magic. Many of the beings that call Evo home as well as the Travelers are able to use various forms of magic, giving rise to a number of remarkable spells, powers, and magical items.

Magical Creatures: In addition to myriad animals and plants that closely mirror their Earthly counterparts, the world of Evo is home to various creatures that are able to collect and utilize magical energy within their own bodies, granting them unique and powerful abilities.

Monsters and Demons: Predatory life forms that feed on magic stalk the face of Evo as well, corrupting pools of natural energy and gleefully devouring any creature that crosses their path, especially those beings possessing magical energy.

Ruins and Dungeons: Ancient civilizations long since reduced to memory and dust once called Evo home. Numerous remnants of their vanished culture can still be found buried beneath the surface. Some of these ruins have become infested with monstrous life forms, creating deadly nests known as dungeons that threaten the nearby lands as well as any adventurer foolish enough to venture within.

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