Frontier Regions

Dangerous and exotic, the biomes bordering the Softlands are filled with difficult terrain, tough wildlife, and deadly predators. Only scraps of information regarding these frontier regions are known to the Travelers at this time, mostly gathered in the days prior to the Joining. The vast majority of the frontier is only scantly populated by the Kif, living in well-defended outposts and industrial villages. The roads running throughout the borderlands are infrequently patrolled by the Kif guard, making journeys through the frontier risky ventures at best. Many Travelers were just beginning to explore the frontier at the time of the Joining, and most have returned to live behind the safety of Serenity’s walls in the aftermath of the inexplicable anomaly.

The Sea of Grass: Dominated by its namesake flora, the Sea of Grass is home to a variety of grasses and brush that coat the local landscape, with species ranging between knee-high to well over the Travelers’ heads. Grass wolves, Brogan packs, and many small mammals live beneath and between the towering growth, as well as numerous lesser monsters.

Pandemonium: Deep within the Sea of Grass lies the colossal pit that marks the entrance to Pandemonium, the inter-dimensional prison of demons. Almost nothing is known by the Travelers regarding this mysterious domain, although the Kif have stressed that even passing too close to its periphery can be deadly.

The Deepmist Jungle: Hot, humid, and verdant, the Deepmist Jungle lies to the south of the Softlands. Populated by giant insects and reptiles, as well as more iconic flora and fauna, the Deepmist Jungle is nearly impenetrable when traveling beyond a handful of cleared roads and trails. The region is home to the magical weather phenomenon known as the deepmists. These kaleidoscopic, ever-shifting banks of fog are capable of utterly disorienting those unfortunate enough to be caught inside, leaving them vulnerable to the lethal predators that hunt within the mists.

Brightdune Beech: To the west of the Softlands lies the stretch of coastline known as Brightdune Beech. Less hostile than the other frontier regions, Brightdune Beech was a popular spot for adventuring Travelers prior to the Joining. This coastal region is inhabited by monstrous avians and crabs, as well as deadly beasts that prowl the shallow waters. The dunes become highly reflective when struck by light at just the right angle, flashing for brief moments with enough intensity to temporarily blind the unprepared.

The Northlands: Universally considered to be the most dangerous of the frontier regions, the vast and inhospitable Northlands stretch out all the way to the northern border of the continent. Entrance to the Northlands is barred by an incredibly massive range of mountains, with only a handful of passes connecting the Northlands its southern neighbors.